Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lazy Saturday........ for once

I enjoy sleeping in. I wish the boy could sleep in with me on Saturday's, but starting last week and for the next 4 after this, including today, he is teaching a class in the a.m. in the city. It means he gets an extra hour than a work day, but it's still not the same knowing you have to get up. I got up as he was leaving and walked the pup-a-doo. Then I toasted waffles, ate them watching a cartoon and hand washed my bras. Then I came online. And here I am. Oh but I did do the dishes. And I knit a bit on C-A's 2nd sock.

I have to say this past week has been a blur. Starting a new job and all will do that I guess, except that the job is a bit of a slow one. It's a low stress environment and I get a bit sleepy in the afternoons. But it's a job and it's mine and I get full health insurance and dental with no cost to me from day one! That's a bit abnormal, but I'm not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.

Well now I am preparing to dye yarn to Rnd. 2 of The Hand Dyed Yarn Swap. My partner will be Debbi And since I told the Boy that the next time I dyed, he would get to dye his yarn for the first socks I will make for him. So we just have to find time to dye soon. Our free time fills up fast. Next week we already have plans for Monday with Sheri, Tuesday is the BTC reunion, Thursday is dinner with Shelley & Damien, Friday with Tara, Tomorrow is Art Day with Christin, and Mark is coming this time.

Plus on top of it the Boy and I still need to make the mock-ups of the book for the BTC reunion, and start designing and getting together the stuff for our Christmas gift (we are making a cookbook). And all this before Thanksgiving. Oh and I should finally (2 years later) upload all our digital photo of the wedding to winkflash and order the prints my mom's been asking for every time I see her and maybe make them part of her Christmas, though she did say she would pay for her copies....

Now I'm feeling like a lazy bum, and need to do something productive. Off to the Grind.

Oh before I go.... Cass is having a Contest. Go play along and mention me and we all get chances to win stuff. It's her 333rd post. I think I'm getting close to the 15th!

Gratuitous Photo time!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Day of the Dead & my Ancestors Gave Me a Job

So now that it's the Day of the Dead, what do I get you ask? Well along with some half priced candy, I got a new job. For real. I start on Monday. It's awesome. I love new jobs. Not in a way that means I go out of my way to start new jobs on a regular basis, I just mean that when I don't have a job I like new jobs. Thank you ancestors!

In other news the boy, the pup & I will be heading out of town this weekend to visit one of the twins and his girl in VA. It will be good.
Plus I am half way through the 2nd of C-A's birthday socks. I took a picture of the first one but I don't know what the boy did with the camera. I do enjoy the yarn, and since I bought 5 skeins (for $2.50 ea.) And each sock only uses 1 skein, I will have enough yarn to make myself a pair of these awesome looking wool, silk, cotton socks.

This picture comes from when they were starting to be leg warmers, but I didn't like them as that. I love them as socks, and I hope C-A does too when her birthday comes around the end of November.
Well now off to work on that 2nd sock and revel in the fact that I have a job to start on Monday!