Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lost blogger returns...

Well it's been a hell of a time since that Lazy Sat. in November. After that weekend DJ and I created our Christmas gift.... A cookbook we designed from scratch with all the recipes our families have given us. Then we had it printed for delivery on the day we were to leave for the holidays. Needless to say it was a period of 4 straight days of work to design the book and upload it a few days prior to the holiday cutoff deadline. Sadly no where did the site say that if books were printed in quantities over 20 (we made 35) there would be an extra week to two of processing time!!! WTF! So we only received the books on Dec. 26th. Though by that point we had lost our holiday spirit, or at least I had.
That was the day my paternal grandma passed away. She was 90, we had just had a huge birthday party for her back in March with all of her friends, her college roommate and it was wonderful. I'm glad we had that before she starting her downhill slump that led to the end.
Okay and then from there the holidays were a bit sad. We did New Year's Eve back in Brooklyn, cuddled on the couch.
Sorry for the sad ending, it's just been that kind of start to 2008