Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Really long time away...

I'm a horrible blogger. Really, I can't remember to do it.. it's been what, a year and a half since I said I had a nephew. I mean, I've been blogging elsewhere since then. Over on the blog for my Art Collective, One Stone Collective, but that is just my work for the group shows.
Our First was in June of 2009, "Compass"
This shot is of one of the 2 pieces I made. In this piece, Compass Drawings in 3 parts, the drawings are mounted on 3 found windows.

Our second was in March 2010, "Archetypes: These Role(s) We Wear"
I made 5 portraits of strong women of war using traditionally feminine craft techniques.
This is the WWI- Red Cross Nurse, who is embroidered

I've been making and working on millions of other things as well. For example, we moved & bought our very first home about 2 months ago.

The house has a disputed age, but our best guess using town records is that it was built in 1923. It's 3 stories, thought the 3rd or attic level has no heat, it does have 4 rooms and a large closet. 2 of the rooms are guest space, while the other 2 are our dirty & working studios. The second floor has our bedroom, with what was and will hopefully be again, a sunroom that we'd like to also make our library. Next to it is the hubs Office and the remaining room is my sewing, knitting, paper studio/office. The house has not be updated in a good 20 years, so there is tons of work for us to do, but i has a yard, so we're all happy, including the dog.

We've also been doing lots of fun things, like attending my brother's paper wedding. He and his wife are now living in Anchorage, Alaska; and before they moved they had a civil ceremony so they would be legally married on paper, for emergency's. They plan on having a real celebratory wedding with all their friends & family in the next year or so.
Don't they look happy on such a chilly January day!

Lastly, I'm getting ready to attend the wedding of my BFF from High School. I've been doing a bunch of embroidery as wedding gifts for her & her HS sweetheart. This is the smaller of the 2 pieces.

I'm hoping to make more regular posts, but who knows if I'll be able to remember to keep it up.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Have A Nephew!!

Well he was almost 2 weeks early, but today my nephew was born. Yes, he turned out to be a boy! He was born at 8:22am and shortly after named Elliot Warren. We are glad to add him to our family and my mom got to be out in Pittsburgh when it happened.

He is a pic of him added, he's wearing the outfit I made, and as you can see it's super big so he can grow into it this winter!! I can't wait to meet him, but it probably won't be until November at this point. I have my Braking the Cycle HIV/AIDS ride the end of September, and then the Hubs and I head off for vacation mid October.

I really just want to be able to smoosh those cheeks though!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Can a girl get a hug?

I wish so today. I could really use one. Man days that start bad and that you know are gonna go late suck... like you know it's never gonna end and the rest of the day is just shot cause your morning was ruined. Is it Friday yet?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Niecphew Outfit & SoS 08

So I finished the requested outfit to bring home my niecphew from the hospital in September. I made the Presto Chango Sweater and Pants I really liked using the Malabrigo yarn for these items. I want to make some matching booties to go with it and a hat to bring it all together... just in case it's cold the day they head home.

Plus I finished my first pair of socks for Summer of Socks 2008

They are house socks I made for me to match C-A's b-day socks from last year. It's School Products Wool Tweed (chunky) on #8's Toe-up improvised pattern with short row heel. I'm already almost done with my next pair of socks too. I guess that's what being home sick is all about. I almost finished an entire sock in 2 days!! Too bad I slept for 12 hours yesterday or I just might have!

Now back to the great Primary Care Physician search! It's so hard to find a good Dr. in Brooklyn. It's not that they don't exist, it's just that if they do, they have to take your health insurance, and be excepting new patients and have an opening on the day you find them while home sick. I've got calls into a couple. One comes highly recommended by a friend who just happened to call while I was looking today, and the other is in a part of town I think should have better doctors. Plus a few I've gone too either treat me like a child or only take 2 minutes with you. I'm sorry I'm a small town kid who had the same Dr. from birth until the last time I went home to visit him.... I like a personal touch.
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Baby Shower a Blanket and a Niecphew

One of my older brothers is going to be a dad this coming September. This will be the first grandchild for my parents and the first niecphew for me. The reason I say niecphew is that my brother and his wife do not wish to know the sex of the baby until the little bundle of joy is born. Now for the parents and grandparents this does not harm, but to us aunts and uncles it does. There is no generic term for your niece or nephew. There's baby or child for the parents, and grandchild for the grands, but we what do I get. I am able to tell people that my brother is having a baby, which is a longer sentence than I will soon have a XXX. Okay, maybe it's not longer, but you get my point.
Well having started with the last I will now move onto the second. I have been working for quite a while on a great blanket. It is knitted from cotton. I knit 80 individual fish. Then I sewed them together in columns. Then sewed the columns together. After this I crocheted a border around the edge, 3 times. Now it is a blanket fit for a wonderful niecphew.


Finally the first. The Baby Shower. Now I live in Brooklyn. I grew up in North Central Connecticut (about 2 1/2 hours between NYC and Boston) My brother and his wife live in Pittsburgh. So of course I am the one planning and throwing a shower for them in CT at my parents (thank goodness I didn't have to book a location!!) Mind you it's a bit hard to organize when your not there, and most of the guests RSVP to your mom instead of you like they were supposed to. Needless to say the shower is Saturday. I'm excited since I get to see the tummy for the first time, but worried I haven't done enough. Especially so since my sister-in-law likes things her way. Not a bad thing, but when your called and told your throwing someone a shower in a state you no longer live in, it's a bit to take in. It will be fun though. I'm excited, and if I don't suck I will remember to take pictures and show off all the wonder that is my far-off party planning.
For now.. it's off to knitting headphones covers since mine disintegrated and the plastic hurts my ears...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Which came first...

... the Meghan or the Moa?

Well historically the Moa. But I sure didn't know that as a kid. I was 4, my older brothers 6 and they were obsessed with Dinosaurs. So I was looking through a book and apparently I picked the Moa out. I named myself Moa. It was easier to spell, only 3 letters to my 6.
My one brother drew me a picture of a Moa and my mom wrote the name on it. It hung on my bedroom wall my whole life. Now it is finally framed and hangs over my desk at home. Though at that tender age of 4, I had chosen my name, and now I stand by it.

Some days are good for stories.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Round 3 of the Hand Dyed Yarn Swap Recieved!

So I got my yarn in the mail on Thursday or Friday of last week but was sorta sick this weekend. I forgot to take a picture and then my neighbor's 7 year old who LOVES knit nite at my apartment was sad that her sister got to wind some yarn, so I asked if she'd like to wind my new yarn. I had showed them the yarn for Kena before I mailed it out and they were excited to see what I received.
Needless to say she was 1/3 the way through happily winding when I remembered that I hadn't taken a picture yet. Soooo here is the yarn wound into a cake instead.
I love the colors, so foresty and snuggly looking!

Plus Kena sent these pretty blue stitch markers( my favorite color) and the cutest sheepy card!

Thank you, Thank you! I loved it all so much. These will definitely make some great RPM socks (the pattern Kena sent me)
Now I just need to finish the others I'm working on!