Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Braking The Cycle

So this is my third year doing this. Tomorrow I leave for Gettysburg. I will be crewing a 3 day AIDS ride. The loverly riders, my husband being one for the first time this year, will ride 275 miles from Gettysburg back to NYC to the LGBT center in Manhattan on 13th street. Each rider must raise a minimum of $3,500.00, and all of the money goes to benefit the AIDS programs of the center. For more info, or to maka a donation to a rider, or my hubby: David Brungard, visit
Last Year, as the year before and this year, I will be on the Sweep Crew. Our job is to ride around in vehicle up and down the route making sure everyone is okay, cheering them on when they need it, giving them a lift if they get a flat tire, or just need a break to the next oasis and giving them lots of hugs when we can. This year I will be the navigator for Susan, and she and I will be dressing in some good costumes. I will bring pics when I get back. But imagine me as a bunny, a hula girl and giving my regards to Broadway on the last day. It is my favorite time of the year, because it is a small ride, only 140 riders at most, and 45 crew. It's like seeing family. It's uplifting, and makes me smile, but we cry too. We Cheer, we hug, we hold hands, we do something to make a difference in the fight against AIDS. If you want to make a difference too then come on by. We're always looking for more help and more extended family.